Tuesday, 28 August 2012

17 days till we leave.....I am not counting days or anything!!  This is going to be my 5th trip back to Africa the continent that has caught my heart and imagination.  Who knew I would end up loving camping so much. Who wouldn't when you can watch a herd of elephants drink from the river underneath a brilliant full moon or listen to baboons as they party in the trees and this is all from the comfort of my very secure tent.  Really people nothing can get through those impenetrable tent walls.  Mom of course it is made of titanium. Don't anybody tell her I am lying!
This trip is taking us into Botswana where we will spend just over 2 weeks exploring the incredible national parks full of amazing and abundant wildlife.  I can't wait to slowly come around a bend in the road on an early morning, where the sun has barely risen above the horizon to find lions just lazing on the side of the road having finished off a full night feast of impala or zebra.  Don't worry I will stop the truck before I grab for my camera!!

Well wish us luck.....ok I am just hoping we don't end up as a snack for some hungry animal.

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